# Week 4.

Tips & tricks to boost the mental health of yourself and your teams.

#1. Reflection

A lot has happened since the beginning of the intellectual lockdown. The first week was all about protocol. 📝
The second about finding new ways of working together remotely. 💻
The third and fourth about finding a new balance ⚖and now it is time to standardize working ⚙from home with your remote team members. This tip is about planning a fixed moment of reflection on a weekly basis with your team. 👁‍🗨

Although we have found our way by now, it seems that stuff observed in the first period is left unsaid.😐

Take time to reflect on your own behavior and communication style as well as on your team members.

Talk it out during this reflection moment and do not postpone your observations till ‘normal work life’ will begin again.

Always choose clarity over certainty!✔

#2. New quiz round.
Guess the songs’ tittle and artist.

Geen alternatieve tekst opgegeven voor deze afbeelding

#3. Get to now your team better and make your own team bingo

Geen alternatieve tekst opgegeven voor deze afbeelding

#4. Coffee ☕break fun with the three lies.

Tell two things about yourself that are true and tell one lie 😲🤫Let your colleagues guess with one is the lie.

#5. Share your concerns, worries😕, lessons learned✔ and success stories 🔝with your own supervisor. 💭Be proactive, be vulnerable, be honest and sincere about what it is you need yourself to stay mentally healthy 😇during these extraordinary times.

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Have a great and healthy week!

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