A strange set of letters perhaps, but it is a term that alters, and anchors change within teams. It is about top teams in a right state of mind, with team members who are collaborative, responsible and in control. They have what you call the ‘do mentality’.

The fact that Agile teams should be self-organising, does not mean that they are actually self-organised from the start. And here is where YOWYO! sets in.

You have already heard me stating YOWYO!

in previous blogs: ‘You Own What You Observe!’. When you observe something, you simply cannot “unobserve” it. The choice is yours what to do with those observations.

People often say they will support the upcoming change and that they will go for it. The reality is that they fall back on all what is familiar and safe. The real behavioural shift does not happen, perhaps consciously, but mostly unconscious. Probably you will recognise this; a lot of actions were written down, everyone agreed. The actions should simply be executed. Perhaps by you. Or by me. But we do not follow through somehow…

Team members who really act on what they observe…. act responsible and hold themselves and each other accountable. How do you get team members in this ‘do’ state of mind? How do you let them use change in their advantage?

Shaking instead of stagnating!

Well, is it actually possible? You can have an external coach giving you a wake-up call, giving insights and control mechanisms, but in the end the team needs to do it themselves.

So, I wondered why all those change processes are not always successful. Conclusion:

“Too much emphasis on the team results, not enough attention

 on the added value of each individual team member”

If you invest in truly getting to know each other; if you recognise and respect each other’s’ talents (and pitfalls); if you understand where the other one is coming from and how they are used to communicate. A perfect base for trust is set where everyone can speak their mind.
But do they? Do they really? And do they always? I think you already know the answer. Because it is human nature to keep the peace and go with the flow of the majority of the team.
So, I wondered, how can I support teams in becoming really self-organised?


By observing and coaching teams, I have learned how we can get everyone in the ‘do state of mind’; it is by teaching them how to YOWYO! A shift in mindset and behaviour is always challenging and a bit scary at first, but once it is shifted the added value is immediately tangible.

I have captured and published this self-boosting team journey:



Want to boost your team?

I gladly explain to you how this book will help your team to the next level and become 100% accountable!

Just …. YOWYO!






“Ask yourself if what you are doing today gets you closer

to where you want to be tomorrow.”