Great that we are not just a group but an awesome team! Where we inspire and have appreciation for each other! Fantastic that everyone dares to speak their mind openly and honestly! Cool that we know exactly of each other who has which knowledge! Awesome that our Board also has chosen this direction and is really supporting us! Super that departments are all collaborative and up to speed about each others goals! Unbelievable that we never ask the wrong questions to each other?

It is one big party!!

It is great to be successful and to deliver those things which delight our customers. To leave at night with a smile on your face. Just a little bit later than usual, because the champagne cork was popping in the air. To celebrate the release of the project earlier than expected. Cheers!

Why do we have so much fun?

Because the team got a huge energy boost. We pay attention to the people of that beautiful team. That is the most important thing. We have developed a culture in which it is very common to speak freely. Because that will drive the progression and development. We are not set in our ways. Because we learn and improve every day. That is our new mindset! Don’t get stuck but look forward achieving higher goals. We just want to be progressive to create opportunities. Nothing is more fun than that!

How to keep things fascinating?

We are aware of each other’s qualities. As a result, we understand where to complement each other. In fact, we know exactly where we need each other, making the expertise of each team member worthwhile. When we see improvements, we take our responsibility. All the differences between us, makes our team to a top team! Just like professional athletes. Don’t let a striker defend the goal or vice versa. We appreciate each other and go together for the victory.

Looks familiair?

Or can do you need more team dynamics? Probably you have a gut feeling that the image above is not quite the reality. You already know that something has to change, but you don’t know how. Or that it has to speed up because there is a deadline. The positive news is:

It’s fun to make it more fun!

Want to have fun always?

I have developed an Agile booster for teams which even recognise ‘the elephant in the room’ because they really take ownership on the things they observe. It’s fun to be fair & honest to each other, to give each other the chance to grow.

Curious about the energy booster?

Please send an email, follow me on LinkedIn or keep an eye on our website in the coming weeks.

Karin Schijf

Agile Coach