It is something everyone recognises. What you see every day at work. It is driven by human behaviour and it can be harmful for yourself but also for your business.

Curious what I am talking about?

Artificial harmony

Sometimes the moment passed, and it is too late to speak your mind, at least it feels like that. After a quick reflection you keep the peace and silence instead of speaking your mind.

Actually, there is an underlying root cause. It is like “saying is not always willing or doing something”, to say yes while you don’t take action. But also “not saying anything because you think it makes no sense anyway” or “say nothing at all because we don´t want to face the music to get a task extra while you are already too busy”.
It looks like a smooth cooperation within the team but in fact nothing constructive is being build. You are actually withholding yourself and your team the opportunity to grow.

Consequence: good ideas and suggestions disappear because you can’t speak freely.

 “You own what you observe. Taking 100% responsibility on your observations and thoughts and also act on it. Only by addressing this and talking to the right persons about it will help your team to the next level. This makes the difference between a group and a team.”  
Karin Schijf – Agile coach

Are you a group or are you a team?

What is the difference? A group is mostly working on their own tasks and not taking responsibility to achieve the team goals. A team puts the collective above the individual result and must work together in order to achieve that common goal. Therefore, building a team is a joint responsibility where you have to support each other and utilise each other’s strengths.

Trust is the foundation of a team. Without trust you do not dare to speak up when your opinion differs from the other team members.

A lost opportunity, because when you speak up and challenge each other it will sharpen the team and you will find new ideas and innovations. But easier said than done.

One thing for sure, with artificial harmony you always be a group instead of a team!

6 hints to prevent artificial harmony.

  • Focus also on the human side, personal motives and talents. Building trust will help you achieve more
  • Make sure the roles within the team are clear for everybody
  • Talking about the things that needs to be said and make sure you want to achieve the same goals.
  • Make a Team Manifest with working and team agreements and learn how to have constructive discussions.
  • Be decisive, even if it means that you will be the holder and the chaser. Keep in mind you are doing that to achieve the common result.
  • Learn from mistakes, share your lessons learned and share the responsibilities.

Use our tool to discover your team dynamics and to find out if there is artificial harmony within your team. Use our tool quarterly to measure your team progress.

Forming and developing teams with the Agile mindset

With the Agile approach the team is responsible for the final result instead of individual team members.

That is a save starting point to work in close harmony together and allows you to speak up. The different roles are clearly defined and helps to make the right decision at the right time.

An external coach accelerates the process from group to team, because of his’ or her’ experience, expertise and the usage of effective work forms.

Successful organisations understand the power of Agile. It is not a method, but a change in culture the entire organisation needs to take part in.

We are wishing you sincere harmony, strong teams and growth!